Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pregnancy and Newborn Magazine Debut

In January, Lauren Brockman, managing editor of Pregnancy and Newborn magazine, contacted me and asked if I would be interested in sending her one of my handtowels to be "considered" for an article she was doing for the May issue. I figured the only thing I would loose would be the towel since it would not be returned. So I sent it to her and really forgot about it until I was at the bookstore yesterday and happened to see an issue on the shelf. I bought on, brought it home, and on page 24 there it was!! It was really thrilling to see something I had done on the page of a national magazine!!!! If you get a chance to see it let me know what you think. Here is a picture of the handtowel that is in the magazine (it does look much better in the magazine!!)

Have a BEEutiful day!!!

Monday, April 27, 2009


My sale is going on now!! I don't know how long I will have it for. I want to make sure that lots of people will be able to take advantage of these low prices. I have 2 Showcases in Etsy coming up soon - one on the 8th and one on the 9th of May.

Here is a picture of my Vintage Cowboy baby blanket I have in my shop that is on sale. It comes with a matching burp cloth and a matching onesie. It is so cute, and I'm offering an unbelievable price!

I have finally started adding new items to my shop. They should all be listed - ready for the showcases. Be sure to BUZZ by!!

Have a BEEutiful day!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 14, 2009

The baby shower was 2 weeks ago, and it was beautiful! Everyone loved all of the gifts that I made - wheh!! Everything turned out to be well worth it. So I've been working on my Etsy shop and coming up with some new products and new gift sets. I am getting ready to have a spring cleaning sale to make room for these new items. Details will be coming soon.

On a personal note...

My mother and sister Robin were down from Arkansas for a little visit and see my new place. After we picked them up at the Tampa airport we went to Frenchy's on Clearwater Beach for lunch. Great place and delicious food--right on the ocean! We had a great visit--lots of shopping and eatting--Time goes so fast--wish they could of stayed longer.

My son Rob and daughter-in-law Angie came up for the weekend to tell me they are expecting their first baby in October-the day after his birthday. Naturally I am thrilled. Can't wait to find out what it will be so I can crank up the sewing machine.

I made these cute little flip flop pouches for my grandchildren -Kasie, Haley and Emma who live in Georgia for Easter. Hope they like them--the Easter Bunny made them especially for them! My daughter Christy and son-in-law Gary and the 3 girls just moved from the "city" to their new place in the "country". I'm planning on going to Haley's graduation next month and am looking forward to seeing the new place.

Have a Beeutiful day!